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Anne Ferro Grilled By Congressman About Hours of Service

On Tuesday June 18th the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee held a hearing regarding the upcoming Hours of Service regulation changes. This hearing was unique as it was one of the first that actually drove home questions to Anne Ferro from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the questions presented seemingly had Anne Ferro trying to defend her personal opinions rather than the facts and data that she was supposed to be obtaining before making new HOS regulations.

Ferro openly admitted that she had no real world experience with trucks and the drivers that operate them, she also admitted that the data has not even come back pertaining to the HOS regulations that they are putting into effect on July 1st, 2013. One congressman made the analogy of “putting the cart before the horse” when asking Ferro why new regulations are being made and put into effect before the data even comes back. Her reply was that they based it on a lab experiment they did and devised a theory form that lab that the rules are based on. So let’s clarify this, the new HOS regulations are based on a theory that came from an experiment in a lab? So the new HOS rules are essentially based on the opinion of Anne Ferro and some of her associates in an FMCSA lab.

It is sad to think that the FMCSA has now resorted to using drivers in their grand experiment with HOS regulations, they didn’t bother to think that it will have real world effects on real people driving real trucks that have real families and real world concerns. I have to ask, actually I have to demand an answer to the following question. How can the FMCSA justify that method? and how can congress not step in and put an injunction into place regarding the HOS regulations until a very complete and thorough investigation be done in the offices of the FMCSA. As one congressmen stated, “it’s very hard to remove the regulations from the books once they are put in place” so why are they going to allow these new rules to be put in place when it was made abundantly clear that due diligence was not performed by Anne Ferro or by the offices of the FMCSA.

Watch the video of the hearing at the following link and judge it for yourself.



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