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What went wrong with truck driver training?

Over the last few months I have been noticing a larger number of photos surfacing on the internet of trucks in precarious position due to driver error. The two most common types of photo I see are those involving a driver who misjudged a turn and ran over something with the trailer tires, the other … Continue reading

Tennessee sends wrong message to public, convicts man of attempted murder of truck driver, gives him a slap on the wrist.

Some of you may recall a case in Tennessee where Joseph Volpe in a bout of road rage decide to fire a shot using a 9mm handgun at Bruce Johnston, an owner operator who was driving his truck down the highway. On July 18th Mr. Volpe was sentenced after being found guilty of three different … Continue reading

How many times will the government kick the American truck driving industry before they get bit?

This week I was going to try to write about something other than government regulation in an industry that is supposed to be deregulated, that was until I saw this little gem from a politician who clearly has no connection with reality. A new bill was introduced on July 19th by Rep. Matt Cartwright, a … Continue reading

Will The Real Driver Advocates Please Stand Up

We have heard everyone talk about the many different issues in the trucking industry today, we have heard them talk about the Hours of Service regulations, we have heard them talk about EOBR devices, we have even heard them talk about driver wages………..but what have we seen these same people do about it? I have … Continue reading

FMCSA Makes Livestock Health A Priority Over Truck Driver Health

   On July 1st, 2013 the FMCSA prematurely put into effect another set of “revised” Hours of Service regulations even after several challenges by organizations and persons that questioned the validity of the data used to make those revisions. The FMCSA championed by Anne Ferro reassured a congressional panel while under oath that the data … Continue reading

Can Drivers Find Their Pride Over 4th of July

     237 years ago, brave Americans fought on this day to secure their freedom from a government that was taxing them without letting them be properly represented in the government, imposing new laws that were unfounded and unfair and destroying their prosperity as individuals. That makes it all the more ironic that here we sit … Continue reading

What Caused The Experienced American Truck Driver To Become Extinct

Today I wanted to look at some of the causes why the experienced professional American truck driver is becoming extinct, if there is a way to stop it from happening and how to protect them in the future if they have one. The ability to stand together. July 1st, 2013 was a significant date in … Continue reading

Coon Rapids Borrows Behavior From FMCSA By Ignoring Facts. Parking Ban to Remain In Place And Unchanged

As most of you know by now I have been corresponding with the city of Coon Rapids trying to convey to them that professional truck drivers would find it hard pressed to comply with federal HOS regulations and still comply with the city’s ordinance on truck parking. I had a telephone discussion with one council … Continue reading