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Coon Rapids Borrows Behavior From FMCSA By Ignoring Facts. Parking Ban to Remain In Place And Unchanged

As most of you know by now I have been corresponding with the city of Coon Rapids trying to convey to them that professional truck drivers would find it hard pressed to comply with federal HOS regulations and still comply with the city’s ordinance on truck parking. I had a telephone discussion with one council member in which we discussed some possible options to alleviate the problem and upon appearing before the council at the meeting on June 18th, 2013 I presented to them the idea of at least making a minimal compromise by revising the ordinance to allow 10.25 hours for parking as opposed to the 8 hours as it is currently written. The idea behind providing 10.25 hours was to allow a driver to remain in compliance in most situations by providing a 10 hour off duty period along with a .25 hour period to perform a required pre-trip safety inspection before continuing on their travels.

The council said they would take the recommendations under advisement and I presented them with a copy of the regulations before leaving the meeting to enter into their files. Today I finally received a response to my efforts which included even a broader description of the ordinance and more reasons for why they implemented it. It also included an admission that they DID NOT “consider the drive-time standards when drafting the ordinance”. First off they are failing to understand that these are not standards but are in fact federal regulations that are enforced by properly trained law enforcement agencies across the country, second they didn’t even bother to consider them in the first place. This sounds much like the FMCSA and failing to consider that they have no real world data when it came to drafting new HOS regulations. If the government on all levels is going to continue to ignore facts presented to them, how can any of those agencies in good conscience say that they are working for the people?

How about we take a look at their recommendation at the end of their reply where it states “No action is required unless Council wishes to discuss this ordinance further.” Well thank you Coon Rapids for your willful disregard of the Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 355.25 and furthermore thank you for your obvious lack of interest in finding a viable solution or even a minor compromise when you were approached in a very civil and professional manner in dealing with the issue at hand. Below you will find a copy of the actual letter received from the City of Coon Rapids regarding the matter. You can call Coon Rapids what you will but all I can do is add them to the ever-growing list of communities that are not to be considered truck friendly and just maybe they don’t require the services provided by truck drivers within their city any longer. Just click on the photo to enlarge it if you care to read it for yourself.

City of Coon Rapids reply to ordinance revisal



3 thoughts on “Coon Rapids Borrows Behavior From FMCSA By Ignoring Facts. Parking Ban to Remain In Place And Unchanged

  1. hope you people realize your going to get hungry now . and will have to travel to other towns and places for your goods. furtherore i hope ypu starve!

    Posted by Richard Harris | July 1, 2013, 5:58 pm
  2. Did Ray the Hood decide to retire there to run their town?

    Posted by YeOldeDave | July 1, 2013, 8:50 pm
  3. I have already turned down 2 loads to Coon Rapids. Just a small step but I know like most truckers noone else will stick to this plan of not going to Coon rapids. Most truckers talk the talk but won’t drive the drive. So sad

    Posted by Rick McNeil | July 5, 2013, 9:14 am

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