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Can Drivers Find Their Pride Over 4th of July

4th flag     237 years ago, brave Americans fought on this day to secure their freedom from a government that was taxing them without letting them be properly represented in the government, imposing new laws that were unfounded and unfair and destroying their prosperity as individuals.

That makes it all the more ironic that here we sit today as professional drivers dealing with a government that doesn’t let us be properly represented, imposes new laws that are unfounded and unfair as well as destroying our prosperity and nothing has been done about it. How is it that we as professional American truck drivers who always boast about American pride can sit back and let another government or government agency trample our freedoms without a reaction. Our forefathers took up arms and went to war over the same types of oppression yet the majority of drivers sit here doing nothing but complaining about their current situation or making excuses as to why they can do nothing about it.

With that being said, I’m putting the challenge out to all drivers out there to get involved and speak up and use the same amount of effort that you use complaining about problems in the trucking industry when acting against them. You cannot be complacent and think that someone else is going to fight for you because it won’t and cannot happen, we need the numbers of united people together to form a stronger voice with lawmakers and the American public. We need drivers of different experience levels, from different companies, owner/operators and company drivers, flatbed and reefer drivers. All of us either find a way to do this together or we will all eventually sink. If you are unsure of what you can do then ask someone who is actively taking part in fighting back, if you are going to sit back and do nothing then you are as big a part of the problem as the people in Washington D.C. writing new laws that have no idea what life on the road is like.

I want all of you to enjoy your holiday and to remember those who helped to make our country a land of freedom but I also want you to remember that you also have to play a part in your own freedom. So when you are watching those fireworks in the sky over the holiday and it comes down to the “grand finale” is it going to signify a start to your new found desire to defend your freedoms or will it signify the dying last shot fired by truck drivers?



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