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Will The Real Driver Advocates Please Stand Up

We have heard everyone talk about the many different issues in the trucking industry today, we have heard them talk about the Hours of Service regulations, we have heard them talk about EOBR devices, we have even heard them talk about driver wages………..but what have we seen these same people do about it?

I have seen more effort go into people promoting an event, product, or service than they actually put into taking part in an actual cause and quite frankly I find it disturbing. If you want to walk into the trucking industry trying to sell things to drivers and follow it up by not supporting the causes that will benefit drivers then aren’t you in reality “taking” from them instead of helping them? I’m seeing more and more people today using professional drivers as a “target market” just because they have one thing in common……a CDL.

Recently this type of behavior became more apparent when I authored a petition to suspend the new HOS regulations for being based on false data and for not having the effect on safety that the FMCSA claims it will have. At this point that petition has the signatures of over 700 drivers and as I looked over the list of names I noticed something missing, it was missing the signatures of over 90% of the proclaimed and advertised truck driver advocates. This was something that just didn’t sit right with me at all so I did some more digging into it and it turned out that only two media outlets in the trucking industry even bothered to mention or share the petition, those two being The Center Lane Show and Overdrive Magazine Online.

This most definitely raises some questions and concerns, why are these driver advocates not willing to put their name on the line when it matters? Why are media outlets unwilling to share something that helps drivers. Surely I know that not everyone agrees with me on a personal level or even a professional level on every matter but you would think that they would show the maturity and professionalism to rise above petty differences for the common good of drivers as a whole. Over 75% of drivers didn’t want the new HOS rules yet we have over 90% of people who claim to represent drivers that refuse to help in an effort to have those rules repealed. Yes we all heard talk show hosts complaining about the rules, we saw blog posts doing the same but we saw no type of action being taken and now when the action has been taken where are the actions behind those voices? Nowhere to be found.

If you are sensing anger or frustration in my writing you would be correct because I cannot believe that people who make such bold claims to help drivers would abandon them in this issue. Would they do it to sell another book or CD or to get more listeners on their shows? Would they do it if their sponsors asked them to? I’m inclined to believe they would. This is a different situation though as there is nothing to be personally gained by taking part in this other than doing the right thing for drivers……..and isn’t that the real goal here?




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