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Have Truck Drivers Lost Their Compassion Out On The Road?

With many recent developments surrounding the trucking industry lately it made me question what has happened to the compassion that truck drivers used to have for many different causes that they were exposed to. The sense of support for one another is definitely waning and the sense of support for what used to be very … Continue reading

CRST And Other Carriers Discard Drivers Like Tire Casings

We have all seen it before, a carrier in the trucking industry makes all kinds of claims to stand behind their drivers and as most experienced drivers know, very few of those carriers honor those claims. Worse than those carriers are a few that excel in treating their drivers like common garbage or disposable items. … Continue reading

The Truth Behind Killer Truckers

As some are already aware, a television channel called Investigation Discovery is running a show called “Killer Truckers” and many people have already been vocal about the impending impact it is going to have on an already tarnished image of professional truck drivers. Of course the people behind the show want to glamorize their angle … Continue reading

Truck Stop Crime, What Can Be Done About It?

Recently there have been some articles and discussions involving truck stop crime and even one that went so far as to depict truck drivers as having the perfect lifestyle to become a serial killer. While the latter did absolutely nothing to improve the image of the professional driver it does help to start a discussion … Continue reading

Taxation Without Representation In Trucking?

We have all seen the taxes at the fuel pump and away from the pump, Highway Use Tax, registration tax, permit taxes………did I miss some because I’m pretty certain I did. Truck drivers and carriers are taxed on a daily basis and we didn’t even mention tolls or other everyday expenses incurred. The infrastructure of … Continue reading

Teamsters use power play to keep new Hours of Service restrictions against truck drivers in place.

July 31st, 2013 marked the first sign of hope for truck drivers in America in a long time, the hope was that they had finally found a champion in the likes of Rep Richard Hanna (R-NY) to help fight for their best interest within the walls of the federal government machine in Washington D.C. Rep. … Continue reading

Know your facts and save your attacks!

I normally keep this page more professional than personal but after what transpired earlier today I’m going to expand on things a little bit at least once. As many of you know, well over a month ago I took action against the City of Coon Rapids in Minnesota regarding their truck parking ordinance. This was … Continue reading