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Know your facts and save your attacks!

I normally keep this page more professional than personal but after what transpired earlier today I’m going to expand on things a little bit at least once. As many of you know, well over a month ago I took action against the City of Coon Rapids in Minnesota regarding their truck parking ordinance. This was a hot topic within the trucking industry that prompted responses from people all across the country, unfortunately it also drew attention from some who really had no firsthand knowledge of the situation in Coon Rapids because they only knew what they were hearing from city hall. In my situation it was more than that, you see Coon Rapids is quite literally in my back yard.

Before checking facts and verifying their statements and comments were true, some people chose to go on radio shows and the internet giving people misinformation regarding the issue. Such was the case with one Deb Miller from Florida. For some reason she decided to go on the Truth About Trucking “LIVE” radio show blaming local drivers from the Coon Rapids area for the parking problem and also trying to tell people there is plenty of parking in the area including several truck stops. Being the realist that I am I very simply told people what she stated was in fact false and that had she actually lived in the area then she would have known this to be the case. I’m not quite sure where the disconnect between fact and fiction took place with Ms.Miller but ever since I corrected her on that issue she has been making repeat statements that I claimed she “doesn’t know anything because she lives in Florida”.

I’m sorry to disappoint Ms. Miller but that was not in fact what I stated. Simply stating that people shouldn’t promote inaccurate information or telling them that the information they gave people was incorrect and that she would have known better had she actually been a resident of the area is far from the accusation she has been making. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue however she took things to a new low on the airing of The Center Lane Show on 7-31-03. As many may know I call in and contribute to the show on a fairly regular basis along with other people in the trucking industry, apparently Ms. Miller thought that she would use this as a venue to continue promoting inaccurate statements regarding myself. Unfortunately for her I do not get caught up in the high school antics of using a baiting tactic and I also do not appreciate attempts of people trying to run their own little smear campaign based on their personal emotions. Calling into the show live and trying to create a drama filled exchange was one of the most childlike acts I have seen to date in regards to industry professionals.

I found it pathetic that I even had to remind Ms. Miller that the show was not the time or the place for the matter especially when it had nothing to do with the subject matter in even the most remote sense. Her actions did absolutely nothing to promote a professional image of the people fighting hard to effect a positive change in the industry, they detracted from the integrity of The Center Lane Show and worst of all, they held no merit. The industry has enough problems to deal with already and trying to use it to promote your own personal agenda is something that should be looked at with contempt and nothing more. I won’t apologize for Ms. Miller’s actions as she is solely responsible for them but I will say to The Center Lane Show host’s Joe & Rob, contributors Rich, Bill and any of the listeners that heard the exchange that I’m sorry that it had to happen on the show. Hopefully in the future people will learn to address things in a more professional manner than what was exhibited on the show.



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