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The Truth Behind Killer Truckers

As some are already aware, a television channel called Investigation Discovery is running a show called “Killer Truckers” and many people have already been vocal about the impending impact it is going to have on an already tarnished image of professional truck drivers. Of course the people behind the show want to glamorize their angle on it and that is their job, you see they need to sensationalize it at all costs to get viewers to watch, they don’t care about any fallout that it may have.


In their “expose” they paint truck drivers as being the ideal serial killers because they travel the country freely with nobody knowing where they are but in reality professional truck drivers are no more free to travel the country than any other citizen and they are restricted from going in many more areas than the casual traveler is. They cite bodies of victims being dumped along major highways as a sign of killer truckers, so using that same logic that would mean that a body dumped outside a shoe store should prompt an investigation into all shoe salesmen. Are truck drivers the only people who travel the highways? Absolutely not. Law enforcement, EMT’s, tow truck drivers, and cab drivers all travel the highways and during the summer months you can find RV’s on the highways by the hundreds. Do you have any idea how many bodies a person could transport in an RV? So why are they not targeting these groups of people?

The answer is simple, they know that truck drivers are an easy target because of the already tainted image that they have gotten due to the less than desirable element that exists in any profession. The professional truck driver has been repeatedly attacked by the media, safety groups, and even people within the industry claiming to support drivers while they are busy peddling products and services to them and taking their money. What you won’t see is any media group, television channel,  or major radio outlet doing a story to help drivers or tell their side of any story, they want viewers and listeners at all cost. So they show a map of where bodies are dumped by a highway, I can show a map of bodies dumped in lakes, rivers, and coastal waters, so does that mean we should target boat owners as the cause.

I’m sorry but the “Killer Truckers” show is nothing more than the kind of material that exists on a Jerry Springer special and the people associated with it are of the same caliber. Mental illness knows no boundaries from one profession to another however some people like to take the cheap shots at select groups for TV ratings. It is sad and disgusting at the same time that some people feel the need to target hard-working individuals such as the American truck driver on a regular basis. I suggest that members of the media start looking into their own house before they try criticizing another.



One thought on “The Truth Behind Killer Truckers

  1. Well stated my friend I have put this article in the front of my online magazine. Hope your ok with that. F.T.B.T

    Posted by Patrick Quinney | August 28, 2013, 7:19 am

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