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Drivers, Don’t Confuse Ego Stroking With Victory In Washington D.C.

OK, so I just caught a feed on Facebook from OOIDA regarding a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives that passed H.R. 3095 that requires the FMCSA to have a public comment period before passing new regulations regarding sleep apnea testing and treatment for professional drivers. So the question I have is why is … Continue reading

FMCSA Circus Coming To Town Again, Bring On The Fools, Pots and Kettles.

Well the FMCSA and its three ring circus led by none other than Anne Ferro are gearing up up for their winter performances and their latest act consists of …..yes you guessed it, another round of proposals to make electronic on board recorders. Some of you know them as an EOBR or simply as an … Continue reading

Why would drivers take part in a fradulent protest?

First off let me start by saying I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything recently, I have a son who just started school recently and when he did he brought home a nasty flu bug that hit each one of us at different times. Being that I’m not superhuman, I’m susceptible to ailments and regular … Continue reading