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Why would drivers take part in a fradulent protest?

First off let me start by saying I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything recently, I have a son who just started school recently and when he did he brought home a nasty flu bug that hit each one of us at different times. Being that I’m not superhuman, I’m susceptible to ailments and regular life struggles like anyone else and being I’m not getting paid for my efforts here on my blog and I don’t have any sponsors to placate people will just have to learn to deal with it……………..hmmm, maybe I’m not sorry after all.

What should we address today? We seem to have a grab bag full of topics this week,  well we can start with the people trying to use truck drivers to serve their political agenda by asking them to roll on Washington D.C. to protest Obama, Benghazi, Obamacare and more. Don’t get me wrong here folks, if you know anything about me then you know that I don’t support anything that Obama does and I don’t think there has been a  holder of the office in the history of this country worse than Obama. The problem with the people organizing this protest is that they are merely trying to use truck drivers, not one part of the protest involves better pay, fair treatment, compensation for all hours worked, or over regulation of truck drivers. So think about that before you get worked up into a frenzy about storming the Capitol for truck drivers.

Fraud photo

Let’s take a look at the real reasons these “organizers” are putting together an event that people have claimed is to support the professional truck driver. First all you have to do is look at the name of the group as they refer to themselves on Facebook “Truckers To Shut Down America”. Really? Is the goal of any professional driver out here today to shut down America? I know I can speak for many of them who don’t want to hurt the country even further but they are willing to do what they must to get the attention focused to the issues that impact them every day. Unfortunately the concerns of professional drivers don’t involve a priority of shutting down America.

The group cites protesting Obama, Benghazi, Muslims and Obama care as some of the key focal points, so I have to ask you, is that a national concern or a truck driver concern? What happened to fighting for fair treatment, being paid for all hours worked, getting a fair wage, and not being over regulated? Now as many of you know I would fully support a shutdown or a slow down of trucking nationwide as it may be the only way to accomplish being heard as an industry and as professionals. However throwing support behind a political and religious based function might just come back to haunt all of us in the end and allowing yourself to be duped into thinking that this group is doing this for drivers is comical at best. They are asking drivers to get involved because they think they can play off from the recent biker movement that rolled into Washington D.C.

Another point to be made is the date chosen for this event, why would you want to protest on a day that should be reserved for honoring our veterans? Yes many veterans are now truck drivers but many of them also feel that some of the problems in this country today should be kept separate and handled by appropriate means that don’t involve trying to disguise a function as something else just to increase the number of participants. Once again this is a fine example of a person or group of people hiding behind a name on a social media page, where is the transparency? oddly enough it is one of the very things they are protesting against yet they withhold transparency themselves. That would be hypocritical would it not? Are you ready to put your reputation and integrity on the line to support a cause like that? Think about it really hard before you do it because the repercussions could be drastically different from what you are expecting.



7 thoughts on “Why would drivers take part in a fradulent protest?

  1. your so full of it!!!! and I can see your full of yourself….TELL ME what other employment out there where YOUR NOT PAID for the JOB you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trucking is way over due for a raise and the ONLY way is to get the government attention is to march on Washington and shut down trucks….I sat at a load for 15 hours and I went to 2 Wal mart DC and between them waited 9 hours to un load…and had to pay them 50 dollars to unload 9 pallets of there order at each place so there is 100 I lost on that load plus detention time I did not get paid for!!!! so tell me any other business that you have to sit and not get paid for over 25 hours and you say we should think about it …NO WE MUST AND NEED TO SHUT DOWN AMERICA THATS ALL WE HAVE LEFT WE HAVE NOBODY IN WASHINGTON TO STANDUP FOR DRIVERS AND SMALL TRUCKING COMPANYS…and by the way my name is Tom Heng and feel free to contact me as I hide behind no one!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Tom Heng | September 27, 2013, 8:49 am
    • Well Tom, I guess you didn’t bother to research what this trip to Washington D.C. is about as the organizers themselves have come out publicly and stated that it is in fact not about trucking issues and that is not the point of the event.

      So before you go on preaching to me what happens on the road that I have already experienced several times over in my 20 years as a driver then I suggest you go back and check the facts. It was nice of you however to go off half cocked and try to make it sound as if driver pay was something that they are taking up the fight for but they are not.

      Their points as last stated were to protest Obama, his health care plans, Eric Holder, Benghazi, and Seal Team 6. I guess you somehow missed that as well. Please go on making the accusation that I’m full of myself, at least I researched the subject before I spoke about it, the same obviously cannot be said for you.

      Posted by haggardon18 | September 27, 2013, 3:08 pm
    • Are you running under your own authority? If so, why are you hauling for that shipper or receiver if that’s what you end up with? Are you an employee driver or an O/O? Same question, why are you hauling for those folks or driving for someone that treats ya like that?

      What do you expect a government that can’t even run their own show to be able to do that will allow you to have things better? What are your aggravations that gov’t. can honestly do anything about? Who do you think you’ll be “negotiating” with in order to satisfy your….. demands? How will that person be able to give you what you want?

      Look at what gov’t has done “for” trucking in the last 25 years Do you think they have a clue as to what might improve a driver’s life? Do they listen to us or the mega carriers and shippers?

      Posted by Ye Olde Dave | October 6, 2013, 10:19 pm
  2. I support the action to shut down the trucks. From what i’ve read about it and from what I’ve seen going on the since 2008, when obama got elected, the nation has to do something. The bikers gave it a shot and they weren’t even missed at work, maybe truckers can get a bit more done if they follow the three day shut down with an extended work to rule action. Sure this protest is not exactly about more pay or any of that fun stuff but it is about saving America and that is more important than all of us combined. If we can get peoples attention and force them to see what is happening to the country then some of them will join in and maybe things can start to be turned around for the nation and the government can return to serving the people rather than the people serving the government. Do one thing at a time and the priority must be to save the nation, the rest can come later.

    Posted by David Dudgeon | September 29, 2013, 11:39 pm
  3. It’s people like you who pick what you want people to hear….hoping everybody is as ignorant as you are about the reasons truckers are pissed off at passed down regulations on truckers in the name of safety . All the wasted money you paid on an education did not help your lack of common sense .. Educated morons!!!!
    Your article (sermantation) or personal opinion not backed by facts is a bunch of words that are not backed by fact.
    Why are you worried about truckers stranding up for something they believe in??? You need to be worried about the government pushing unnecessary regulations on truckers because soon won’t be enough trucks to supply the needs of Americas commerce -people will get out of it. Maybe that’s what you want to hear? They don’t have any other job to do ….so that’s why the US trucker will stand up against the career politician .

    Posted by Concerned trucker | October 1, 2013, 9:46 am
    • Well “Concerned Trucker” first of all everything was taken from their website and their statements over 2 weeks ago, that website was since shut down and they have changed their goals and mission several times since then. So now I’m ignorant as to the reasons truck drivers are pissed off? I guess you don’t know your facts now do you?

      For one I don’t hide behind aliases, I actually put my name on things because I’m not afraid of our government or anyone else out there. I also get actively involved in truckers rights and have been actively fighting for improved parking, less restrictive Hours of Service regulations and also asked for an investigation into the FMCSA and Anne Ferro due to their improper enforcement of regulations. So your claims about me lack any substance in that regard.

      My concern as it has been very well vocalized over the weeks is that truck drivers are going to be used to deliver a political message under the guise of a trucking event and that if the event goes poorly and is viewed as a negative by the public that truck drivers will be the ones taking the blame for it. So if you are such a “Concerned Trucker” then I suggest that you be the first to check your facts as you obviously did nothing in the way of heeding your own advice whereas I only shared what the organizers of the event shared on their page.

      After 20 years as a driver I think I know what issues drivers face but it appears that you are focused on the fact that I also am educated as well as being a driver, if that bothers you then I’m sorry.

      Posted by haggardon18 | October 1, 2013, 3:12 pm


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