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Riding For The Constitution or Just Trying To Make Noise For A Political Agenda?

By now just about any truck driver with access to social media has heard of an event called Ride For The Constitution/Truckers To Shutdown America which is planned for October 11th-13th. I have already addressed it previously on this very WordPress page however more bits of information seem to come out about this by the hour and the actions of its organizers and its supporters seem to become more forceful and perverse.

The two main organizers involved, Zeeda Andrews and Pete Santilli have absolutely zero experience as professional truck drivers yet they are claiming to be representing drivers and supporting their struggle. Unfortunately if you bring this point up with them they try to divert the point and say that it’s not about trucking and that it is supposed to be about the Constitution. If it isn’t about trucking then why use the words “Truckers To Shut Down America”. Nobody has questioned their right to protest anything they want  or their right to free speech yet at the same time if you ask them questions that point to clarifying their agenda then they go on the defensive. Anyone I have been in contact with who asked questions was instantly labeled as a Liberal, if people posted questions on their website then many of them were deleted or edited, experienced drivers that made suggestions were dismissed as being the problem with America today.

For a group of organizers and supporters that claim to be about the Constitution they sure seem to try to stop people who don’t agree with them 100% from using their freedom of speech.  They try to discredit anyone who speaks up about the tactics and methods they are promoting. I’m not the only one who actually took the time to research the people behind this or the numerous agendas that they have promoted over the last few weeks. Radio show hosts such as Rob and Joe at The Center Lane Show and Kevin Rutherford on his own show took calls from people and not one seemed to support this event after they took the time to research it. However each person almost to a man said that they would support a protest which was better organized and had a clear cut agenda that wasn’t always changing and all over the map from wanting Obama impeached to truckers who died while hauling FEMA loads.

Americans are upset about the current state of affairs in this country today and that is no secret but it shouldn’t give free license to try to exploit any specific sector of citizens and whip them into a frenzy and use them as a vessel to deliver a radical political agenda of a select few people, especially people who have no experience in the sector of the people who they are trying to rally. Should two truck drivers get together and rally former country singers or talk radio hosts and attempt to represent their interests? This is where the separation begins, this is where people start to ask questions why there aren’t fellow drivers organizing this event. Once some of those questions were being asked then the attacks started and the agenda of this event started to change on a daily basis, almost seeming to be an attempt to generate interest from other people because they didn’t want to answer for the platform they were already standing on.

People are creatures of habit and one of those habits is being a sucker for keywords and when the media on any level uses select keywords it tends to generate support…….until they start digging deeper into the real issues at hand. If people dig deeper they will find that the event organizers were endorsing extremely questionable tactics from attempting to question the patriotism of people who didn’t agree with them, and labeling those who don’t support them as people who sit and do nothing to help the industry and labeling them as not “real drivers”. How can people who never were professional drivers try to criticize those of us who are or have been? How can they even begin to represent us? Unfortunately it has already begun as several media outlets out east have begun to run with the coverage and the vast majority of it has made professional drivers look even worse than the less than favorable stereotype they have already received. How can other professional drivers blindly support this event and its organizers when they have already been exposed for promoting false information and how can those same drivers join in the mudslinging and attacks against the drivers who wont back their play just because they don’t agree with the methods used in this.

Its time for people to do more than read a headline or a name of an organization and decide to make some noise on blind faith. Blind faith is sure to do more damage than good.



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