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Anne Ferro Tries To Put On A Driver’s Shoes……Will Anything Change?

Many of us in the industry have raised the question on how the people in Washington D.C. making the regulations can be put in that position when they don’t have any experience in the industry itself, recently Anne Ferro attempted to do something along those lines so lets look at what transpired

An arrangement was made with OOIDA member and Owner Operator Len Wilkins to take Anne Ferro along on an overnight trip in an effort to get a feel for what transpires in a drivers daily adventures. While many of us wanted to see something like this happen I think its fair to say that we wanted it to be more of a setting that encompassed the average driver. The average driver doesn’t have a 100-130inch sleeper on their truck with all the amenities of home and the average driver isn’t just gone overnight. Already the questions are flying around the web wondering just how planned everything was and many of those questions do carry merit, after all, what government agency would have one of their figureheads out on the road without some sort of preferential treatment or security measures in place. Those are fair questions to raise in any event.

Of course Anne Ferro said that she has a new viewpoint on what drivers go through after this experience but a key thing that was missing from her comments was anything to do with revisiting any of the regulations she pushed and got passed previously. Having this “experience” after making major sweeping changes in the regulations that impact the trucking industry still falls under putting the cart before the horse. As the owner of a small carrier already stated it might be “too little too late” while others chalk it up to appeasing the masses or lip service. I will applaud her for actually doing it but I won’t pretend that it even came close to going far enough in the scope of reality. I also have my reservations about the real motives behind why this experiment took place.

What drivers really want to see is experiences like this actually being put to good use and something productive coming from it and not just headlines and pictures saying that yet another political figure was out in public and has suddenly become one of the regular “Joe’s”. Is this the beginning of a change for the better or just a media stunt? What are your thoughts?.



One thought on “Anne Ferro Tries To Put On A Driver’s Shoes……Will Anything Change?

  1. I believe what Miss Ferro did was commendable but it was only a small sample of what we go through each day out there on the road… at least she took the first step…. let us hope that this at least will inspire her to reach out and take action when the industry cries out for much needed attention to regulations that are clearly forcing may drivers out of the industry.

    Posted by Darien Lambert | November 10, 2013, 11:01 am

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