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The Morning Call newspaper of Lehigh Valley, PA and one of it’s “journalist’s” taking shots at the Trucking Industry.

It appears that The Morning Call paper and a so-called journalist that writes for them want to blame professional truck drivers for the unsafe driving habits of anyone that uses a roadway. Paul Carpenter authored a vile piece of garbage for The Morning Call which attempts to vilify professional drivers and paint the entire industry … Continue reading

Too Much Focus On CDL Drivers, Too Little Focus On Everyone Else

So here we have another prime example of what happens when government agencies do too much in some aspects and not enough in others. This latest incident happened close to home and is a very real example of what is wrong on our highways, a 17-year-old boy driving himself and his younger siblings to school … Continue reading

Anne Ferro Tries To Put On A Driver’s Shoes……Will Anything Change?

Many of us in the industry have raised the question on how the people in Washington D.C. making the regulations can be put in that position when they don’t have any experience in the industry itself, recently Anne Ferro attempted to do something along those lines so lets look at what transpired An arrangement was … Continue reading

Riding For The Constitution or Just Trying To Make Noise For A Political Agenda?

By now just about any truck driver with access to social media has heard of an event called Ride For The Constitution/Truckers To Shutdown America which is planned for October 11th-13th. I have already addressed it previously on this very WordPress page however more bits of information seem to come out about this by the … Continue reading

Drivers, Don’t Confuse Ego Stroking With Victory In Washington D.C.

OK, so I just caught a feed on Facebook from OOIDA regarding a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives that passed H.R. 3095 that requires the FMCSA to have a public comment period before passing new regulations regarding sleep apnea testing and treatment for professional drivers. So the question I have is why is … Continue reading

FMCSA Circus Coming To Town Again, Bring On The Fools, Pots and Kettles.

Well the FMCSA and its three ring circus led by none other than Anne Ferro are gearing up up for their winter performances and their latest act consists of …..yes you guessed it, another round of proposals to make electronic on board recorders. Some of you know them as an EOBR or simply as an … Continue reading

Why would drivers take part in a fradulent protest?

First off let me start by saying I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything recently, I have a son who just started school recently and when he did he brought home a nasty flu bug that hit each one of us at different times. Being that I’m not superhuman, I’m susceptible to ailments and regular … Continue reading

Have Truck Drivers Lost Their Compassion Out On The Road?

With many recent developments surrounding the trucking industry lately it made me question what has happened to the compassion that truck drivers used to have for many different causes that they were exposed to. The sense of support for one another is definitely waning and the sense of support for what used to be very … Continue reading

CRST And Other Carriers Discard Drivers Like Tire Casings

We have all seen it before, a carrier in the trucking industry makes all kinds of claims to stand behind their drivers and as most experienced drivers know, very few of those carriers honor those claims. Worse than those carriers are a few that excel in treating their drivers like common garbage or disposable items. … Continue reading

The Truth Behind Killer Truckers

As some are already aware, a television channel called Investigation Discovery is running a show called “Killer Truckers” and many people have already been vocal about the impending impact it is going to have on an already tarnished image of professional truck drivers. Of course the people behind the show want to glamorize their angle … Continue reading