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On the eve of new HOS rules, petiton to suspend them still need signatures.

Here we are on the eve of the new HOS rules going into effect, meanwhile there is a petition circulating on the web to have those same rules suspended. If you are driver who wants to take a stand then here is your chance. There is no reason why we should have a problem acquiring … Continue reading

Anne Ferro Grilled By Congressman About Hours of Service

On Tuesday June 18th the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee held a hearing regarding the upcoming Hours of Service regulation changes. This hearing was unique as it was one of the first that actually drove home questions to Anne Ferro from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the questions presented seemingly had Anne Ferro trying to … Continue reading

Truck Drivers Speak, Nobody Listens

Every recent discussion regarding the many issues within the trucking industry today has included at some time these words “is anyone listening?” The FMCSA, MCSAC, and DOT have all made claims that they listen to input from all parties involved, they even set up listening sessions and surveys that were promoted as their agencies listening … Continue reading

New Hours of Service Regulations Are No Safer, Give Way To Old HOS Regulations

With the mandatory compliance date of the new Hours of Service regulations rapidly approaching drivers and safety and compliance personnel are still looking for answers. Some are still waiting for clarification on some of the aspects of the new regulations while others are still scratching their head wondering why there was a need for a … Continue reading

Truck Drivers Converge On City of Coon Rapids Government Public Facebook Page

In a matter of hours the issue at hand went viral, overnight parking bans on commercial motor vehicles within the city of Coon Rapids created an uproar among truck driver across the country. Just on this site alone for the last two days we were seeing over one hundred page hits per hour so it … Continue reading

City of Coon Rapids, Minnesota Wants Commercial Trucks Out!!!!!

Back in December of 2012 the City of Coon Rapids in the state of Minnesota issued a new ordinance prohibiting overnight parking of commercial vehicles within its city limits joining the ranks of other U.S. cities that have turned their backs on the drivers of these vehicles, the very same drivers that keep their cities … Continue reading